HS Game of the Week
April 9 5:55pm Spotswood hosts Page County
April 11 6:55pm Broadway hosts RE Lee
April 17 5:55pm Harrisonburg hosts Fort Defiance
April 23 6:55pm East Rock hosts Harrisonburg
April 29 6:55pm Broadway hosts Harrisonburg
May 2 TBA  
May 6 6:55pm Broadway hosts Turner Ashby
May 8 5:55pm Spotswood hosts Lee
May 13 6:55pm Spotswood hosts Turner Ashby
May 21 6:55pm Harrisonburg hosts Turner Ashby
 More games to come


All Games are broadcast LIVE on air at 550AM and online stream.
Broadcasts of games are available on our Podcasts. Please allow 48hours for posting.