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Top 10 Best Black Friday Deals

Here's the link to the Top 10 best Black Friday deals we were talking about this morning on WSVA

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How Long Will It Take To Thaw The Turkey????

If you get the turkey out and discover that it's still FROZEN! or partially frozen, here's a link to help you thaw it in time for Thanksgiving!

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USPS Shipping Deadlines

We're talking this morning with Tad Kelly of the United States Postal Service. For information on shipping
deadlines this holiday and stamps click on the link below
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Win John Grisham's Gray Mountain!

Gray Mountain

Listen all week during "Early Mornings" and "Late Afternoons" to win a copy of John Grisham's new novel Gray Mountain! Be caller number 25 when we ask you to call and you'll win!

Get more information about the book by visiting this website
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Operation Christmas Child

Dave Eshelman with Operation Christmas Child joined us this morning to discuss how you can help fill a shoebox and bring a brighter Christmas to a child a world away.
Click this link for more information on the local OCCcollections.
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Winter's Chill Is Here...Is your Home Ready?

With cold weather here it's time to make sure your ready to so you can save some money on your energy bill.

Dominion Power's Allison Kauffman joined us this morning to discuss ways to save. Here's a link for more
information including incentives to tune up your heat pumps

To listen to our interview with Allison click the link below.

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Where Do I Vote???

Need to know where to vote? Click on this link and it will help you.
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