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And as always Friday is the Tag Sale.

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Cartoon Cat & Mouse

Q. In 1965 CBS launched a new cartoon featuring a cat and a mouse. The show went one to be one of the most successful cartoons is history and is still on the air today. What cartoon was it?
A. Tom and Jerry
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Chelsea's Mom

The group Well-Strung has redone the Fountains on Youth song "Stacey's Mom" for the 2016 presidential campaign. Here's "Chelsea's Mom"!
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Congratulations Rocking R Ace Hardware!

WSVA would like to congratulate Rocking R Ace Hardware on being named one of the Coolest Ace Hardware
stores in the nation! Of the more than 4,800 locally-owned and operated Ace Hardware stores worldwide, just four stores were honored with this year's prestigious award!

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Amtrak Audit Results

Amtrak Employees work A LOT - according to their time sheets:
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Great Cheese Debate

What cheese is best? American or Cheddar????

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10 Apps to help you cope with summer

Here is the list of 10 summer apps to help you get through the summer:
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Joining us on Early Mornings this week:

Monday Ron Doyle will be here to talk technology
Tuesday Classic Kitchen and Bath
Wednesday Andre Viette
Thursday Rockingham County Schools
Friday The Tag Sale
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Foodspotting App

Jim was telling us about an App he and his wife used on a recent road trip. This app points out hidden culinary gems when you're traveling:
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Some cool backyard accessories and some we wouldn't recommend...
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Joining us on Early Mornings this week:

Monday at 8:10 Rebecca Joyce will be here to discuss Emergency Preparedness Week
Monday at 9:10 We'll be talking about alternative sites to the proposed Harrisonburg City School construction
Tuesday at 8:10 Terrie Dean will join us from The Wishing Well
Tuesday at 9:10 Rockingham County Officials
Wednesday at 8:10 GOP Candidates
Wednesday at 9:10 The Wishing Well: Travel, Floral and Concierge
Thursday at 8:10 GOP Candidates
Thursday at 9:10 Harrisonburg City Schools
Friday at 8:10 GOP Candidates
Friday at 9:10 The Tag Sale
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